About Aero Login

The Aero Login company based in the Silesian Science and Technology Center of the Aviation Industry in Czechowice – Dziedzice is a modern company involved in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles and their on-board equipment, applicable mainly in civil applications. Established in 2011 in response to the growing interest in the subject of unmanned systems and almost unlimited possibilities of their use.

Using our own scientific and technological facilities as well as the facilities of the Silesian Science and Technology Center of the Aviation Industry, and thanks to close cooperation with global tycoons of unmanned aerial systems, experienced engineering staff develops and implements innovative projects where technical applications of unmanned aerial vehicles have so far been unavailable possible.

At present, Aero Login is carrying out a research and development project entitled: Development and implementation of unmanned aerial multi-purpose vehicles to work in harsh conditions during which a revolutionary DC-01 Mucha unmanned aerial platform with an observation head has been developed, an advanced Light Mobile Ground Control Station along with an encrypted data transmission system over long distances and other necessary on-board elements.

The dynamic development of the company is possible due to the great involvement of the entire project and production team as well as the management team. The combination of passion and experience of outstanding specialists from many areas gives almost unlimited possibilities for the most demanding projects.

The main motivating factor for the whole team is the common sense of mission that the designed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can support people in many aspects and in the future will make life easier for us.

Our mission:

We create modern technologies that, combined with existing solutions, set a new quality in many areas of modern economy. When designing revolutionary solutions, we promote Polish technical thought