DC-01 Fly Agro

DC-01 Fly Agro

DC-01 Fly Agro is a platform equipped with a 10 liter tank for the spraying liquid. Provides the possibility of spraying an area of ​​about 1 ha in a single flight. DC-01 Mucha AGRO can also be equipped with a multi / hyperspectral and thermalvision camera for quick estimation of the condition of crops or temperature distribution in the studied area. It can also be used to anti-dumping rubbish landfills.

precision agriculture – estimation of the NDVI index, crop spraying, insect control, pollution neutralization,

Multi / hyperspectral camera, thermal imaging camera

DC-01 Fly Agro



Up to 30 minutes

Maximum Take off Mas (payload included)

32 kg

Tank capacity

10 kg

Deployment time

3 min

Cruise speed

1-65 km/h

Take-off / Landing


Operating conditions


36 km/h wind resistance, moderate rain

Maximum takeoff altitude

4000 m AMSL

Landing accuracy


Communication range

Optional radio link

10 km


Unlimited (within network coverage)


Optional RTK, L1/L2, GPS + GlONASS + SBAS

Maximum surface area sprayed

0,6 ha sprayed at 50cm above ground level

1 ha sprayed at  100cm above ground level

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