DC-01 Fly X8

DC-01 Mucha X8

DC-01 Fly X8 is a multi-rotor platform for vertical takeoff and landing. It is intended for carrying optoelectronic, measuring or fighting equipment. Long flight time (up to 50 minutes), high load capacity (20 kg payload) and a maximum cruising speed of 18 m / s make the DC-01Fly a versatile design that will cope in many applications.

The high lifting capacity and long flight times make our DC-01 Fly X8 platform meet any challenge. After mounting the observation system EO / IR -01, it is able to observe both during the day and at night. It is willingly used in exploration, observation, patrol and inspection missions. Observation, however, is not everything to which DC-01 Mucha was created. After installing the LifeBox system, it can be used in rescue missions as a carrier of rescue equipment dropped to people in need. Owners of farms and foresters will also appreciate the advantages of the DC-01 Fly Agro platform, which is DC-01 Fly X8 with the spray system installed with chemical spray liquid. It can also be used as a carrier of electrochemical and laser sensors used to measure air quality. The presented accessory does not exhaust the platform’s capabilities, which can be limited only by human imagination.

Observation, monitoring, supervision, search and rescue missions, geodesy – orthophotoplanes, DTM, DTSM, 3D models, precise agriculture – NDVI estimation, crop spraying, insect control, pollution neutralization, air quality testing, environmental parameters measurement, cargo transport.

DC-01 Fly X8



Up to 50 minutes with EO/IR Vision

Maximum Take off Mas (payload included)

32 kg

Payload mass

20 kg

Deployment time1

3 min

Cruise speed

1-65 km/h

Take-off / Landing


Operating conditions


36 km/h wind resistance, moderate rain

Maximum takeoff altitude

4000 m AMSL

Landing accuracy


Communication range

Optional radio link1

10 km


Unlimited (within network coverage)


Optional  RTK, L1/L2, GPS + GlONASS + SBAS


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