DC-02 Dragonfly

DC-02 Dragonfly

DC-02 Dragonfly is a hybrid platform of vertical takeoff in the system of flying wings. It is a revolutionary combination of a flying wing and a multi-rotor platform. This solution combines the greatest advantages of the airframe and multi-rotor platforms. It enables a vertical start, a transition to a horizontal flight, in which the lifting force is generated on the plane. From a horizontal flight the platform is able to go to hover at the moment and then land vertically. The mission can be carried out both horizontally and vertically.

Because of the capacity of 1 kg for DC-02 Dragonfly it is able to carry opto-electronic equipment of the form:stabilized EO / IR vision system, stabilized cameras to photogrammetric flights, multispectral cameras and many others. It is therefore mainly used in observation missions – patrols and photogrammetric low altitude flights.

Observation, monitoring, surveillance, search and rescue missions, geodesy – making orthophoto, DSM, 3D models, precision agriculture – index NDVI estimating,

Video system- EO / IR – 01,

LifeBox – the drop system of the UAV,

Parameters and environmental contamination sensor


DC-02 Dragonfly



Up to 65 minutes

Maximum Take off Mas (payload included)

3.5 kg


116 cm

Deployment time

5 min

Cruise speed

57 km/h

Take-off / Landing

Vertical, automatic

Operating conditions



30 km/h wind resistance, moderate rain

Maximum takeoff altitude

3000 m AMSL

Landing accuracy

5 m

Communication range

Radio link1

10 km


Unlimited (within network coverage)


Optional RTK, L1/L2, GPS + GlONASS + SBAS


Maximum surface area covered

0,5 km² ( 50 ha) mapped with 1 cm GSD at 50 m AGL

1 km² ( 100 ha) mapped with 2,34 cm GSD at 120 m  AGL

4  km² ( 400ha) mapped with 9,75 cm GSD at 500 m AGL

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