EO/IR-01 x10 vision system

EO/IR-01 x10 vision system

Our three-axis, gyroscopic EO / IR-01 vision system is a product dedicated to unmanned platforms in both multi-rotor and airframe systems. Equipped with a daylight sensor with 10x optical zoom and a thermal imager sensor, this head enables observation, search and rescue and inspection missions both during the day and at night. Designed from the ground up by the engineers team, the optoelectronic mechanism rotation mechanism ensures high accuracy of sensor positioning, which directly translates into the highest image quality transmitted from the unmanned platform to the ground control station. The observation head can be optionally equipped with a system enabling automatic tracking of the object, following it, motion detection module and many other algorithms based on image analysis. The thermovision core used can also be found in the radiometric version, allowing the temperature measurement of the examined objects. As standard, the head is equipped with a quick connection system enabling rapid installation in a platform equipped with a complementary connector mounted on its board.

Unmanned platforms in a multi-rotor system, in the fixed wing airframe system and flying wings. There is a mounting option on the vehicle and stationary.

EO/IR -01 X10 Vision System


Integrated in one housing daylight and thermal imaging camera


Stabilised in 3 axis



~ 950g ( without vibroisolation)


Diameter: 110m  , Height: 220mm

Function’s steering

Zoom-in, zoom-out,
REC START/STOP, Trigger , 
Color palette change, exposition change.


11,1 -22,2V( Max. 25V)


3A( @ U=12V)


Composite, carbon fiber

Quick connector system


Daylight camera:

Optical Zoom


Maximum resolution

1920* 1080 up to 30 fps

Automatic DEFOG


Sensor type

1/3” CMOS (Progressive Scan)

Effective pixels

~ 2 000 000 pixels

Minimal illumination

color: 0.05 lx (@ f=1/5)

B/W: 0.001lx(f=1.5)

Trigger speed

1/2 to 1/20,000 sec

Lens (wide to tele)

10x zoom f= 4.6 to 167 mm,  F1.6 to 4.8

Zoom type

Standard/ Various/Direct

Zoom speed

4.6 sec

HOV (wide to tele)

61.2° to 2.32°

The minimum distance from the observed object (wide to tele)

500mm to 1500mm

Thermalvision camera


640 × 512

Pixel size 

17 μm

Spectral band

7.5 –
13.5 μm


8,3  or 30Hz (PAL)

Temperature range:

-40°C to +550°C


50mK @ f/1.0 lub 30mK