Unmanned aerial vehicles have a very wide application in forestry and other related fields of science. Information obtained by means of unmanned aerial vehicles after appropriate processing can be a valuable source of information about the condition of the forest, damage to the stand, violations of possession. Drones are also useful in estimating the number of animals, observing fire and documenting damage caused by wind or damage to hunting. Offered unmanned platforms, which we present below are effective in the following applications:


  • photogrammetric flights
  • inventory of damages caused by abiotic and biotic factors;
  • spraying crops, individual trees and avenues, pest control.
  • inventory of animals;
  • detection of forest fires;
  • natural inventory
  • many other.


We invite all interested in using drone in their daily work in the forests. On an individual presentation, we present our offer together with a discussion of all our best experiences related to the above use, collected within a few years of existence on the market.


Ready Industry Solutions

Zestaw DC-01 Mucha Obserwator

Zestaw DC-01 Mucha Geodeta

Zestaw DC-01 Mucha Agro

Zestaw DC-02 Ważka Obserwator

Zestaw DC-02 Ważka Geodeta

Zestaw DC-03 VTOL Obserwator

Zestaw DC-03 VTOL Geodeta