Surveying and geodesy

Drones designed for low-level photogrammetric flights are currently the most dynamically developing drones alongside aerial drones. This is also our specialty. Our team includes specialists in the field of geodesy and photogrammetry. Thanks to the special software that is normally included with each of our kit that allows planning and supervising the photogrammetric flight, the process of creating an extremely accurate orthophotomap (orthophotoplan) terrain shortens in an unprecedented way. During one mission lasting several dozen minutes, the drone acquires photographs that, in photogrammetric software, allow for the creation of an accurate orthophotomap, Digital Surface Model (DSM), Digital Terrain Models (DTM), classified point clouds, photorealistic 3D models, and many more. During one mission, you can obtain photographic material even from an area of 3000 ha for platforms in a hybrid airframe system (DC-03 VTOL), a 400h platform in the layout of the flying wing VTOL (DC-02 Dragonfly) and up to 20 ha for drones in multi-impeller system (DC-01 Mucha). Each of our platform in order to obtain the highest accuracy can be equipped with the RTK (Real Time Kinematic) system.

Below we present you with configuration suggestions for surveyors / photogrammetry / cartographers. Please note that we can mount many different cameras, cameras and other sensors to each platform. The proposed configurations arise from our best experiences, but at the customer’s request we can offer dozens of different configurations. You can find out about the quality of the equipment we recommend by arranging an individual presentation. Our specialists will present special features of the solutions we offer.

Ready Industry Solutions

Zestaw DC-01 Mucha Geodeta

Zestaw DC-02 Ważka Geodeta

Zestaw DC-03 VTOL Geodeta