Inspection of technical facilities and transmission infrastructure

Designed by us  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  are ideal for any work that is too dangerous, inaccessible to people or too expensive using other means. They are used by hundreds of companies for the purposes of:

  • technical inspections of electricity transmission lines, eg. in the search for potential failure locations
  • technical inspections of gas pipelines and oil pipelines, also to search for sources of leakage
  • technical inspections of high buildings, roofs, wind turbines, GSM masts
  • creating photographic documentation of construction progress
  • inspection of photovoltaic panels using thermal imaging cameras
  • creating photographic documentation for the preservation of monuments
  • and many other.

Our platforms can be equipped with a range of image sensors, ranging from simple cameras and video cameras, through thermal vision and multi- and hyperspectral cameras, LIDAR scanners as well as sensors for environmental parameters and contamination. Thanks to this, the solutions we offer are scalable to any application. Below you will find solutions that will be successful in any type of inspection.

Ready Industry Solutions

Solution DC-01 Fly

Zestaw DC-01 Mucha Geodeta

Zestaw DC-02 Ważka Obserwator

Zestaw DC-02 Ważka Geodeta

Zestaw DC-03 VTOL Obserwator

Zestaw DC-03 VTOL Geodeta