Precision agriculture

Unmanned aerial vehicles, known colloquially as drones, dedicated to agriculture can have different functions, but four of them are essential:

  • Creating very accurate maps of fields and crops allowing programming of farm machines equipped with a GPS system.
  • Taking pictures using a multi- or hyperspectral camera, crops displaying plant vegetation and the variability of remote sensing indicators (possible diseases, etc.), determined on the basis of the NDVI- Normalized differential vegetation index. We receives a very accurate map with marked areas that require additional fertilization or hydration.
  • Spraying or dropping plant protection products. After making the map with marked areas requiring care and sending their coordinates to the unmanned platform, there is an automatic start, flight and spraying of the indicated areas. Description of our platform DC-01 Fly Agro, dedicated to field spraying and crops you will find below.
  • Drones may also be used to make photographic documentation of crops for evidence purposes in the process of obtaining subsidies or compensation related to hunting damage.


Based on many years of experience, we are able to prepare solutions for virtually every application in agriculture. If you want to know the real possibilities of drones in agriculture, please contact us, we will be happy to arrange a meeting.

Ready Industry Solutions

Zestaw DC-01 Mucha Geodeta

Zestaw DC-01 Mucha Agro

Zestaw DC-02 Ważka Geodeta

Zestaw DC-03 VTOL Geodeta