Protection, Monitoring and Supervision

Protection, monitoring and supervision is one of the basic functions to which unmanned aerial vehicles were created. Initially used by military formations to observe the field of military operations, they are also increasingly used by civilian uniformed services – the Police, Fire Brigade, security service and other formations to even monitor mass events, search and rescue operations, documentation of accident sites and many others.

The current scale of integration of electronic devices and the automation of unmanned flights also enables the performance of automatic patrol flights on routes and areas established by the services responsible for the protection of facilities. In 2017, our DC-01 Fly X8 platform was integrated with the perimeter protection system Varya Perimeter. You can find more about this topic here (

Adequate flight stabilization systems, efficient anti-vibration systems and advanced optoelectronic sensors now allow observation to be conducted away from the observed object.

Our unmanned aerial platforms based on the latest flight stabilization systems, efficient anti-vibration systems, equipped with advanced optoelectronic sensors, designed entirely from scratch by a team of engineers, allow observing operations far from the observed object, while meeting all the necessary criteria set for us by the most demanding users . And these are, among others:

  • long flight time
  • very quiet operation of drive units
  • work in difficult weather conditions, also in rain and snow.
  • speed and simplicity of assembly and preparation of flight platforms,
  • the possibility of automatic flight, previously defined by the User.
  • large data transmission range, up to several dozen kilometers, depending on the communication system used.
  • advanced algorithms

Below you will find an example of the multi-rotor DC-01 Fly sets dedicated for the services mentioned earlier. For each customer, however, we are able to configure exactly the unmanned system that is necessary to accomplish the intended tasks. We invite you to contact us, we will present to each interested person the unique capabilities of our equipment. During the show we will dispel your doubts.

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Zestaw DC-01 Mucha Obserwator

Zestaw DC-01 Mucha Ratownik

Zestaw DC-01 Mucha Agro

Zestaw DC-02 Ważka Obserwator

Zestaw DC-03 VTOL Obserwator

Zestaw DC-03 VTOL Transporter